The Draxhall Studio was founded by artist; Ken Lashley, who- with and without his studiomates- has done a long run on comic titles for Marvel's X-Men team Excalibur, Image's WildStorm, and several comic assignments for Full Bleed (the Pitt),  Chaos (Purgatori, Vampirella vs Purgatori), DC (JLA, Green Lantern) and Top Cow (Rising Stars, Tales of the Witchblade, The Darkness). 

Draxhall  works in other fields such as toy design. The studio has worked with a number of toy companies including Hasbro, Hasbro interactive, Mattel, Tyco and Endless Horizons. At the Hasbro Toys Company alone, the studio has worked on toy designs for:  Transformer's Beast Machines, MIB, Small Soldiers, Centiped, Action Man, Batman, and Tonka Joe.

In Animation, Ken Lashley and his studio provides design work for various animation companies including Golden Film, Nelvanna and Lucas Films (Sam & Max). Among the diverse jobs that have been produced, they have done box cover art, animation character and background style guides. 

The studio also provides designs for other entertainment arts including:  electronic media and packaging design. This includes  packaging art (Nuttiest Nutcracker video cover, Mattel's Generation Girls card figures), greeting card design (Gibson Greetings),  children's books (Barbie Activity) and magazines (Fox Kids: Xyber-9 & Godzilla ).  

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