We work with specialist and full service toy development artists and studios based around the country and other parts of the world. The artists have worked for the major toy companies including:

 Hasbro's lines of Transformers, Star Wars, Batman, MIB, Osmosis Jones.  Trendmasters' lines of Godzilla, I Dream of Jeannie, Independence Day, Extreme Ghostbusters, Planet Wars, Casper, Lost In Space and Fashion Planet toy lines. For Mattel, our past and present clients have  produced all non-doll elements for Share a Smile Becky, Shoppin' Fun and Cool Shoppin' Barbie, Potty Training Kelly, Hot Wheels other vehicles and more. With many other companies.

Their work includes both boys' and girls' toys including dolls and action figures, cars, activity toys, play sets and more. There is no limit to the work the talented artists can do in toys from key chain sculpts to large size and premium toys, to complete new product development. The artisans we represent can provide what you need and on time, all of the time.
 These skilled craftsmen can provide sculpts, concept illustration, prototyping, maquettes, plush and so forth.
Their years of dependability and ability to handle jobs well under pressure has earned loyalty from their clients and provides an excellent reference point for new clients. 

Tomm Coker


Tony Cipriano